What kind of newcomer is Intrix? You are quite young, but have taken on the role of general manager in this company.

Intrix is exciting for many reasons. The IT world contains a sea of systems. Most IT solutions are built so that it is possible to pull data in and out automatically. We want to develop good products and services around this. We believe that a good data flow solution supports the company's fundamental visions - both in relation to employees and customers. Among other things, we are talking about efficient and secure data flow, which alleviates work pressure and provides security in that the employees know what they are supposed to know and do.

How do you envision the market situation for Intrix going forward?

Intrix is ready to meet the requirements modern companies have for a good everyday life for their employees, a good relationship with their customers and a good interaction with their suppliers, partners. In that case, a good flow of information means a great deal in order to fulfill wishes. We believe that every second company has great potential for establishing "profitable" integrations. We are talking about time saved, less stress, fewer mistakes and more time to focus on quality and relationship building.

You claim that "integrations help to seal resource leakage". What do you mean by resource leakage?

Resource leakage occurs when, for example, you do the same operation several times. Mistakes can easily be made here. It is always desirable to avoid this. Correct and reliable information forms the basis for good and efficient processes, so it is a matter of having control over the accuracy and availability of the data. When these characteristics are present, the company is well equipped to develop further. This is what we support with our services and products.

It seems a bit far-fetched, isn't it challenging to reach such an operation?

Yes, there is a process between us and the customer. Many company managers are not genuinely concerned with IT, but rather with innovation and the company's products, which are often not IT-based. That is why we often enter into a feasibility analysis. When the time and the people involved - including the management team - are ripe for action, we will initiate the measures we agree on.

What measures can you mention, specifically?

There are two main areas in particular that we are talking about. Firstly, there are integrations (automatic data flow) between the IT systems, for example between the financial system, the project system and the management system. Secondly, there is a dashboard for goal management based on the employee's tasks and on management's wishes and management basis. 

There are also many other measures that can contribute to more efficient operations.

But what exactly is an integration?

Integration is a processes which combines data from several different systems into one whole. This results in a comprehensive database. Via integrations, smaller components are assembled into a larger whole. This whole is often represented in reports.

Developing a total integration model for the entire company can be very useful and profitable. Intrix aims precisely to be a partner who can design and deliver the technical solutions.

Is it as simple and straightforward as it sounds?

It is always a good idea to carry out a risk analysis for all new projects - this also applies to integration projects. My tip is: Make a realistic plan. Feel free to start with a preliminary project. It can contain an overall architecture, a simple integration plan or simply be a pure project description.

Where do you think Intrix will be in 3 years?

I think Intrix is a sustainable newcomer so we'll see.