Dashboard can be described as a dashboard for the company. A dashboard usually presents important information in various areas. A dashboard depends on access to data.

A dashboard gives us the opportunity to exchange information. Developing a separate system for your company (e.g. "my page") for customer information can be an expensive and risky investment. Our product is a solid tool that uses integrations and dashboards to meet your needs. This is what Intrix focuses on and delivers services and software around.

Customer journey

The property management company Leiern AS is a company that manages 1,800 properties. These properties are rented by townspeople as a secondary residence - or what can also be called a "cottage". They have a management system and the following data is registered there: The properties (locations), Tenants (customers), Lease agreements (agreements), hunting rights (product 1), rental price (product 2). Everything is completely registered in the management system. This also applies to historic snow plowing.

Leiern AS wants a WEB portal where the tenant can log in to see all data about the property, order snow plowing, see which costs he has had, which will come next year, see what he has paid in the previous year, etc.