Data processing and analysis

Data processing is the processing of data to make it usable and interpretable. It can be turning qualitative data into quantitative. Remove missing or incomplete data, add and supplement data, transform structures and the logic of how the data is located.

Data analysis is an investigation of what is needed in data processing to reach a given target image. The target image surrounding the analysis is usually defined in advance. The results of the analysis are used as a basis for data processing.

Data processing
Data processing is the collection and processing of digital data to produce meaningful information for further use - either for further processing or as final documentation. Data processing can include processing, transformation and calculations.

Customer journey

Hastegods AS wants to optimize its shipping processes. Every morning they get a list of all the day's departures. This list contains shipment number, number of parcels, total number of kilograms, place of destination.

The general manager of Hastegods AS contacts Intrix to revise the list so that each driver can drive the shortest route in the shortest time in relation to their routes.

Intrix then prepares a program that communicates with map systems and compares exit addresses and in this way finds efficient driving routes. This information is distributed automatically to the drivers' mobiles through the APP that Intrix has created especially for them.

Analysis: Finding the methods, formulas, structures and calculations needed to reach the target picture. The objective here is to find the shortest and most efficient way for the driving route.

Data processing: Is what is done with the data to be able to present the shortest and most efficient driving route.